Thought-provoking writing and passionate on all things language.

Max Ho, Associate at Grounded Engineering

Wilma has demonstrated excellent people skills, project management and coordination skills. She is a good listener, with sensitive ears and analytic perceptiveness. Her writing skills, both in Chinese and English, exceed my expectation for Research Assistants at a similar stage of their career.

Prof. Ka Tat Tsang, Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work

Wilma once helped me editing a tech funding proposal. Her creative thinking has fully immersed into the proposal and made our team into the final round interview.

Ken Lee, Data Science Manager

Wilma is gifted in writing. She edited my personal statement and leveraged it by articulating my skills and ideas in precise wordings.

Hilary Chow, Healthcare Professional

Wilma is passionate about teaching and helping someone in improving English. She is an expert as languages.Her enthusiasm has helped me to pass my IELTS exam so I could finally earn my PR status in Canada. Her teaching of critical thinking and technical writing even helped me a lot in my workplace as a software developer when I communicate with clients in person and through email. She is already one of best writer and teacher.

Junseok Park, Software Developer

Wilma is an extremely enthusiastic individual, always passionate about her work and study. She maintains a very high standard to her own work, polishing her projects and assignments until it is something that she can be proud of, and would not put her name on anything unless it is as close to perfection as it could be. She has also demonstrated strong leadership skills during her position as a core committee member of the Trinity Cantonese Christian Fellowship at U of T, dedicating her time to plan weekly programs and activities, as well as managing the different functioning aspects of the student group.

Johnny Yu, Pharmacy Manager