B2B Pitch Deck (2020)

The Project

This B2B pitch deck was designed to gain City Councillor’s consideration to invest in the client’s product, a Digital Signage Solutions. Branded as a product essential for a Smart City, the pitch deck introduces how digital signages could effectively enhance the city’s image and increase government-citizen engagement.

My Role(s)

Pitch Deck Design, Mood-boarding, Content Development, Data Research, Storyboarding

The Process

The pitch deck introduces the benefits of having digital signages in government facilities and the features of the client’s solutions.

When designing the deck, I have used isometric illustrations to communicate a high-end, cyber vibe, combined with a blue-green gradient, contrasting against orange, heightening the bright colours of a smart city.


2 weeks (November 2020)

Sample Slides

Check Out the Entire Deck:

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