B2C Pitch Deck Design & Translation (2020)

The Project

The client of this project approached as they collaborated with a tech company and piloted a business plan for prospective investors and individuals who are looking to immigrate to Canada via the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme.

Intended for a B2C audience, this pitch deck illustrated the business plan thoroughly and explained the procedures of Federal Skilled Worker Scheme.

As the pitch deck was intended for Chinese-speaking investors based in Hong Kong and China, in additional to the English version, a Chinese version was also developed.

My Role

Pitch Deck Design, Content Development, Translation, Immigration Policy Research, Bilingual copywriting


2 weeks (February 2020)

The Process

This pitch deck is full of information for prospective investors: The clients’ information, the business-immigration solutions, the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme, and Canadian immigration laws. Because of the amount of information loaded in the presentation, storyboarding was not an easy first step. Upon developing the narrative flow, I went on designing the deck. After multiple rounds of pitching on webinars, the solutions was welcomed and a Chinese version was requested.

Below are the excerpts of the slide deck which showcases both the English and Chinese versions. The first sample slide introduces the business solutions brought by the partnership, and the second sample slide introduces the point-system of Federal Skilled Worker Scheme under Express Entry Program in Canada.

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